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Report: Pathway to Net Zero Transportation in the U.S.

An Exploration of Technologies and Policies

Executive Summary

Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States and will continue to be a major driver of climate change with business-as-usual policies. Transportation is a key sector for the transition due to its significant reliance on petroleum products. To reduce transportation emissions, a major shift away from fossil fuels will be necessary through the adoption of clean transportation technology, along with behavioral changes to reduce demand for on-road vehicles. 

In this report, ITD provides a detailed review of the clean transportation landscape to identify clean transportation technologies that reduce emissions from an array of subsectors and highlight the areas that need more immediate innovation and supportive policies. In analyzing policies passed through legislation at the state and federal level, we also identify gaps where more resources are needed to support efforts to reduce reliance on fossil fuels while accelerating the adoption of low-carbon alternatives, including electric vehicles, clean fuels, and carbon capture.

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